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Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Already workout? Just starting? Crush it with 3 easy rules.

Well muscled man lifting a heavy barbell in Olympic Weightlifting competition
Working out can be hard so let's make it easy with these 3 steps anyone can use on their fitness adventure.

Welcome to my first blog post, everyone! I'd like to start by thanking you for taking time out of your busy day to learn how to make working out a long term habit with 3 simple rules. Let's skip the nonsense and get right into it (and if you're not a big reader, watch some training footage while you listen to me read this blog)!

1. Never miss a Monday!

"...ride that momentum into the rest of the week. Never. Miss. A Monday.”

Sounds simple enough, right? The common mistake made though, is thinking "simple" means "easy." We all know #Monday can hit hard after the weekend. We get time off, see family and friends, go out for drinks, catch up on house work, generally enjoying life overall and then, suddenly, from the depths of hell...BAM! It's Monday! Right as we were getting settled in!

Being the start of the week (duh), we want to get the ball rolling with a good workout, shaking off the cobwebs from maybe having TOO relaxing of a #weekend (I guess now that Game of Thrones is over, the binge watching is over, but still!). We get the blood flowing, we charge out the gates feeling accomplished, and we can ride that momentum into the rest of the week. Never. Miss. A Monday.

2. Never go more than 2 days in a row without exercise

But why? It's easy to be on day 3 of not working out and think "Eh, I'll just start up again next week. We're already halfway through this one anyways." But next week turns to next month, then next year, then never! The time is NOW!

If you follow rule #1, bam, you got #workout 1 out of the way. 2 days with no exercise go by so now it's Thursday. Time to get workout 2 in. Another 2 days go by and Sunday rolls around. Yup, you guessed it, time to hit workout 3. Oh what's that? Tomorrow is already Monday again? Rinse and repeat, my friends. Just like that, you've worked out 3x in a week! That means you adhered to going to the gym 43% for the week which beats the hell out of 0%. Can you workout more than that? Yes!

Generally, I like to workout Monday-Wednesday, rest Thursday, workout again Friday and Saturday, rest again Sunday. I call this the "3-on-1-off, 2-on-1-off" method. Now I'm up to 71% #adherence for the week! If this isn't ideal/attainable for you, as previously stated, 43% beats the hell out of 0%. Never go more than 2 days without working out.

3. Keep it short, hard, and fast!

“Be impressed by intensity, not by volume.”

Want to watch Usain Bolt (world's fastest man) walk a mile? Yeah, didn't think so. How about watching him eat up some track, sprinting his ass off in the #100mDash, covering a 16th of a mile in 9.58 seconds? Sounds more exciting and impressive, right? That, my friends, is the difference between intensity and volume. In this example, volume is the distance travelled (1 mile vs. 100m). One is obviously more than the other but more doesn't always mean better. Chances are you could walk a mile and feel find at the end of it. Trying to sprint 100m in under 10 seconds? That's a whole other story. The #effort in this example is our intensity.

When you hit your workout, whatever you're doing, keep it short, hard, and fast! Leave nothing on the table. Put the phone down then slam the pedal to the metal and get it done! I know we've all seen someone who is "#KillingItInTheGym" on social media, but if they really were, they'd be too busy actually killing it and not posting about it! Be impressed my intensity, not by volume.

Don't know what exercises/workouts to do? We got you covered! That's the whole reason we built #TrainAndAble; to give non-gym goers the needed structure to live a healthy life.

You can schedule a free consultation call with us and we'll help you get to wherever you want to go. But enough about how we can help you because when it comes down to if, knowing what to do is a lot less important compared to HOW you do it!


Follow these 3 rules, and you'll see significant progress in no time! Remember, life is the only race where the winner finishes last. Slow and steady wins the race and hopefully this will help you out there on the course we call life. Hit Monday hard with a good workout and let that #accomplishment carry on through the week. Never go more than 2 days in a row without working out to make sure at least half the week we're getting in some exercise. And last but not least, whatever you're doing, keep it short, make it hard, and go fast! We'll see you next time.

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